Tribulus alatus herb for sex drive benefit
March 27 2014

Tribulus alatus appear to be an herbal aphrodisiac.

Pak J Pharm Sci. 2010. Antioxidant activity of aerial parts of Tribulus alatus in rats.

Free serum testosterone level in male rats treated with Tribulus alatus extracts.
International Braz J Urology. 2007. El-Tantawy WH, Temraz A, El-Gindi OD. Drug Bioavailability Center, National Organization For Drug Control and Research, Cairo, Egypt.
The present study was undertaken to investigate the effect of Tribulus alatus extracts on free serum testosterone in male rats. Free serum testosterone level was measured in male rats treated with alcoholic extracts of the aerial part without fruits, fruits of Tribulus alatus and their fractions. All tested extracts showed significant increase in the level of free serum testosterone when compared to that of corresponding control. Statistical comparison of all groups revealed that the maximum level was found in groups treated with chloroformic and ethanolic fractions of fruits extract. Tribulus alatus extract appears to possess aphrodisiac activity due to its androgen increasing property.

Antioxidant activity of aerial parts of Tribulus alatus in rats.
Pak J Pharm Sci. 2010; Kadry H, Abou Basha L, El Gindi O, Temraz A. Faculty of Pharmacy (Boys), Al Azhar University, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.
The antioxidant activity of alcoholic extract of Tribulus alatus was investigated by determination of blood glutathione, serum ascorbic acid and serum superoxide dismutase in rats. All groups treated with aerial parts without fruit, fruits and total herb showed a significant increase in all measured parameters. Upon fractionation of the alcoholic extracts using solvents with different polarities, all fractions revealed a significant increase in serum superoxide dismutase (P<0.05). On the other hand chloroformic fraction of aerial parts without fruit extract and ethylacetate fraction of fruits extract exhibited a significant increase in blood glutathione level. All fractions of fruits extract, chloroformic and ethylacetate fractions of aerial parts without fruit extract significantly increase the serum ascorbic acid concentration).